Wood flooring

Prestige Stone is primarily focused on supplying of a natural stone, but because we love quality natural materials, we also supply wooden floors.

Our philosophy is to process the wood in such a way that we maintain a positive energy and discover the hidden beauty and character. We decided to manufacture a product that people will enjoy and above all will have a long-term benefit. We are very passionate about development and production of unconventional wooden floors with unique finishes. To ensure maximum flexibility and a high standard of customer care, each floor is custom-made exactly to the requirements of our clients.

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Wood flooring is an investment that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. With a good care, it matures over time like a good wine and gains its value and beauty. Wood is a natural material that has been with us since the ancient times. It has a pleasant odor, appearance and its texture provides us with a pleasant feeling for our hands and feet. It wants to share its beauty and charm. Wood is great if you have allergies and does not release any hazardous substance into your environment. On the contrary, it brings positive energy to the space and warms up your soul.

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